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Sound artist
3D sound, research, teaching
Impossible Moments from Venice 3: The Other Side of the Lagoon

Happy to reveal that Venice 3 is a prize winning work in the International Sonosfera Ambisonics Competition (ISAC 2024).  Playing the work in concerts in Italy and France over full 3D loudspeaker arrays.

ISAC award.jpg
Impossible Moments from Venice 2

Impossible Moments from Venice 2, selected for Ars Electronica Forum Wallis 2024, can be heard in a specially remixed 16 channel version for the concert at MEbU Münster, 8th March.

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Shimmering Cities: Live recording, premier.

Live recording of the premier of "Shimmering Cities". Performed by L'Ensemble Itinéraire, 50th Anniversary concert at IRCAM.


Excited to receive the Mixtur commission award for Electroacoustic / audiovisual works 2025! Honoured to be taking part in this a highly recommended festival that showcases new developments in music and sound art to a broad public. Stay tuned!

Shimmering Cities!

Thank you so much Ensemble Itinéraire and IRCAMs production team for playing my music and making the premier of "Shimmering Cities" a great success.

A sold out house.

An excited audience.

A very happy composer.

Goodbye Paris for now!

Sound Worlds Exhibition is OPEN - 24th-26th October 2023

Come to Gamle Munch at Tøyen in Oslo, and relax in the ocean of sound! It's a unique show. Open 24th-26th October, 11-19 (11-17). Free entrance.

The final show in mt Reconfiguring the Landscape artistic research project investigating how we can use 3D sound-art to make us more aware of the interesting aspects of our noisy urban sound landscape.

40 speakers, including a 3D dome.

Listen in stereo

Reconfiguring the Landscape cover small.jpg
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