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Concerts & Tour Dates 2023

For archived events 2022 and before, see my older webpages HERE


Solo concert, Italy

Speaking Spaces 1: Heterotopia, Impossible Moments from Venice 1 & 2.

Acousmatic / electroacoustic (3D ambisonics). Decoded over the 44 loudspeaker array of the Sonosfera, Pesaro, Italy.

International Sonosfera Ambisonics Competition, Sonosfera, Pesaro, Italy.

8th June, 18.00

Pockets of Space, Norway

Acousmatic / electroacoustic (3D ambisonics) with video

Decoded over the 38 loudspeaker 360 degree planetarium in Trondheim

Post-Anthropocene: 3D Acousmatic concert with Electric Audio Unit, Trondheim.

30th May, 19.30

Solo concert, Portugal

Dusk's Gait, An Impossible Moment from Venice, Speaking Spaces no.1: Heterotopia

Acousmatic / electroacoustic (2D ambisonics and live sound diffusion)

Musica Viva Festival 2023,

O’culto da Ajuda, Lisbon


Dusk's Gait (8-ch version), Leipzig

"Speakers Corner" concert, Leipzig

Acousmatic / electroacoustic

Hochschule für Musik und
Theater Leipzig
Postfach 100809, 04008 Leipzig

Hallucination Machine: for String Quartet, Norway

Live electronics, live video, string quartet

Performed by Cikada and Electric Audio Unit

Marmorsalen, Sentralen,



24th April, 19.00

Concert and masterclass, Poland

Acousmatic / electroacoustic (3D ambisonics)

Speaking Spaces 1: Heterotopia, Impossible Moments from Venice 1 & 2, Dusk's Gait, Involuntary Expression.

'Reach the Stars' program.
Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, Warsaw, Poland.

11th April, all day

Sensory Sleep and Dream Awake, USA

Acousmatic / electroacoustic (3D ambisonics)

Decoded and performed over the 40.4 Atlas sound system. Remote/hybrid event.

40.4 Festival,

ATLAS Institute, Boulder, CO,


10th March, 19.30

Playdate at ICAT, USA

Reconfiguring the outdoor sound landscape: revealing music in the noise.

Specially designed works for the 124 speaker Cube concert room.

The Virginia Tech Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology.


3rd February, 9.00

Portrait Concert, USA

Speaking Spaces 1: Heterotopia; Involuntary Expression; Third work: TBA

Acousmatic / electroacoustic. Live performance.


Willson Centre for Humanities and Arts, Hugh Hodgson School of Music, University of Georgia, Athens (USA)

28th January, 18.00

Hidden Values, France

The Umbrella & Optical Tubes. Acousmatic / electroacoustic.

7th order 3D ambisonics

Espace de projection, Paris (FR)

17th January, 20.00

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